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DB Digital Services

We have a wealth of knowledge about working in the online space, how to automate your business freeing up your time to spend with your clients or creating new products.

After 26 years working in the public sector in various roles, I was medically retired. I decided that staying home and doing nothing wasn't going to work for me, so after some time spent healing I started my journey as a small business owner.

I started out a virtual assistant, helping people organise their business and helping them sort out their social media.

I invested in training and learned how to build Wordpress and Wix websites and was taught how to build online courses using T4S and Clickfunnels - I'd found my passion. 

Being able to help other small business owners get online is what I love doing.

I don't know who said if you find a job you love it will never feel like work, but they are right, I love getting up each day and seeing what I have to do that day.

I'm now in the lucky position that my sons have started doing some work with me, the long term vision is that they come into the business and eventually take it over.

So if you are struggling to get your business online, let have a chat, I can help you, follow the button below and book a call with me.

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